Motorola Edge Plus issues

After I received the Verizon system 7 update I lose the ability of screen rotation after using it. It clears up after you restart the phone. I have to restart once to twice everyday. Also when previewing YouTube videos I had the ability to hear the sound but that is gone as well now.

Anyone have this issue or a way to correct it?


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Re: Motorola Edge Plus issues
Customer Service Rep

The Motorola Edge Plus is a very dependable and sturdy device. We'll do everything we can to ensure that it works correctly for you. Software updates are intended to enhance the performance of any device. We're sorry to hear that since its most recent update, you've lost the option for its screen rotation after using it. We've also noted that you've had to restart your device once or twice a day and affect ing you when previewingYouTube videos. That's certainly not the experience we want for you with your device.


Let's dig deeper into this matter by working together. Since your device's software update, have there been any other changes to it? (new apps downloaded, recent SIM Card change, etc.) Are your device's other services being affected? (e.g., calls, texting, web browsing, etc.) -Robert C.