Motorola Edge plus won't charge after update
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After the update that pushed verizon adaptive music to the phone, I have had countless issues with it. The two largest issues were that suddenly my sim card was inactive aside from about 7 seconds shortly after I restarted it where it would show that I had an active sim card, and the phone if it died completely would refuse to charge in any way, not even showing that it was hooked up to a charger with the electrical symbol I would normally show even if it wasn't actively charging yet.

I discussed the issue with my local store rep, as well as regular customer service and advanced tech support who all swore up and down it was a hardware issue and not a software issue caused by the update. Even when I returned my device for a brand new one the issues were happening, just not as frequently. They petered off for a bit and now returned with a vengeance, my phone is off and refuses to charge in any way.

What are some suggestions for ways to roll back android to the previous update? I refuse to mail another device, wait 2 months when they never mail me back my new device, and finally get a new hardware device to fix a temporarily fix a software issue.

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