Motorola Razr 2023 vs. Motorola Edge Plus 2023
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My current phone is the Motorola Edge Plus 2022 . I've been pretty happy with this choice. I was looking forward to the new Motorola Edge Plus 2023 after some of the reviews. I now find that Verizon will not sell it in its stores or online.

So, I'm assuming if I don't buy it from Verizon, I will  not be able to use it on Verizon's Network, or get Verizon support for it.

I've been with Motorola since the original Razr and I wish to stay with Motorola and would like to know what options I have for a Motorola phone as feature rich as the Edge Plus 2022, or better. Is there anything? I see the Motorola Razr Plus "flip" is out, and is sold by Verizon. How does this phone compare to the Edge Plus 2023? Is it even close, even though It costs much more, perhaps because it "flips?"

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