Motorola Z Force Droid - not wirelessly charging with tumi

Motorola Z Force Droid not wirelessly charging with tumi battery pack 

I have tried 3 new tumis, and 3 different phones, atleast 5 different charging pads,    Motorola team reached out to me sent me a refurbished phone and a new tumi to replace the 1st phone i had and 2nd tumi i had bought. that phone worked for 3 or 4 days charging wirelessly,  then it stopped and screen went black with a blue line coming across about every 45 seconds and it would vibrate every 30-45 seconds.  I called customer support,  they offered t send me a new phone,  but it would be 4-5 business days before i get it, however i run a business and can not do without a phone for 4-5 business days.  I ended up filing an insurance claim with Ausion and got a replacement the next day (saturday).  However,  that replacement phone- was a brand new phone- charged for 1 day with new tumi from Motorola and guess what, it quit charging wirelessly...   So,  my warning to anyone who buys a Motorola Z force Droid and want to have the ability to wirelessly charge their phone,  don't buy motorola Z force dorid and do not buy Tumi products-- as of now  i have had 3 Motorola Z force Droids and 3 Wireless charging Tumi battery packs,  and still do not have the ability to wirelessly charge.  DO NOT BUY Motorola products and expect to wirelessly charge

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