Multiple and erratically occurring glitches, drops, resets and more....

I wish that my memory were better or that I was disciplined enough to have started a trouble log when this all began weeks or months past.  On the other hand, a trouble log might be just frustrating enough an exercise to send me back to my flip phone.

I think that these problems began right after the upgrade to the latest version of Android (4.4.2).  System freezes are frequent requiring soft reboots at least once daily because the power off command cycle does not work on a schedule known only to the OS.  My Plantronics Voyager Legend drops its connection now with abandon, increasing in frequency from occasionally to 2-3 times per day for some days and 0 times for other days.  The big nut in all of this is the recent propensity of the phone to lose the WiFi connection for no apparent reason.  It sometimes takes multiple power off/restart for both phone and Jetpack to "discover" each other again.  This also happens at home with the WiFi which has always been the most stable environment.

Frankly, I refuse to engage in protracted and pointless trail and error troubleshooting when clearly the source of the problem(s) is not known, nor does it seem there is a concerted effort to find one.  Tip- Score big in public relations (read customers, past, present and maybe future) by openly admitting there are unknown bugs and no estimated time to fix is known.  "Gasp!  Tell the truth?  OMG, what an idiot this guy is and where did he come from..." 

Every day is an exercise in wasted time with this productivity tool trying to simply make calls while dealing with apps that have WAY to INVASIVE permissions and the owner who paid for this piece of near junk has little or no control over what is loaded on the phone or what it does.  Now I have adopted a slash and burn policy with all apps that simply seem to have way to much access.  I uninstall, Force stop, Disable or what ever it takes to slow down this relentless assault on my (our) privacy.  Imagine if your PC worked like this or is that way to 1984?  Guess what app had virtually every permission on the list?  Come on, try to guess.... Starts with a V?  No?  The handy and oh so convenient Messaging app was the latest all access info sucker.  Obviously, Verizon can explain why all of these permissions are needed but I have yet to get a reply telling me.

Quit doing Verizon's job for them.  You paid for this crap,so did you expect it to work?  If so, that qualifies you as an optimist.  Good night & Sweet Dreams to all.

PS- I know the VW techs, CS reps and others are tireless in trying to make the best of this because I talk to them frequently and lack of commitment or professionalism is not the problem. 

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