Multiple phone issues

For several days I had issues turning on and connecting Bluetooth, but I could get around that problem by going into the settings page. One day my Bluetooth again wasn't working correctly, but my attempt to fix it caused the phone to freeze up and begin showing multiple "program has stopped working" pop ups for several apps. I tried restarting it, and it froze during start up several times before it finally turned on. After that, it kept saying that my SD card wasn't inserted (it was) and several of the apps that weren't even on my SD card wouldn't open. Later, while still saying my SD card wasn't inserted, apps I had saved on my SD card showed up and worked (though they shouldn't have been able to if the phone isn't reading the SD card), but I couldn't save and files, or take or delete pictures because the phone couldn't read the SD card. My phone is now sluggish. I've tried restarting the phone, turning it off completely and turning it back on, taking the SD card out and putting it back in (both while the phone was off and when it was on). I tried running a device health check on the My Verizon app, but when I do, the app immediately crashes. My phone keeps malfunctioning and I don't know what to do.

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