Music Streaming not Updating Titles on Car Radio Display

I bought a 2013 Nissan Altima in July.  At the time, I had a Droid Razr. I paired the phone and car with no problem. Streaming music worked great.  It started as soon as I got in the car and I was able to skip songs using the steering wheel controls.  The song titles even updated on the radio display.  Fast forward to October 18, 2013 when I bought the Moto X.  I got home and paired the phone with the car.  It worked.  I tried to music streaming and it works, sort of.  It connects as soon as I get in the car and starts playing.  The title shows on the radio display.  When I skip using the steering wheel control, the song skips.  Just like it should.  But, the title on the radio display doesn't change.  It stays on whatever the first song that was playing at the time the car started.  I know it's not a car problem, because it works just fine with other phones (iPhone).  This must be a Moto X problem!  What can I do to fix it?

Re: Music Streaming not Updating Titles on Car Radio Display
Customer Service Rep

That's a beautiful vehicle that you have and a wonderful device.. Lets ensure all features are up and running. Does the phone display the correct song that is playing through the car speakers?

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