My 4G LTE Symbol does not light up
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I started receiving Error messages 'No SIM Card'. Call Tech Support and received a new one, but the same error message again on my DROID MAXX. Had to do a factory reset, but same error message with the new SIM card, tech support decided it was a hardware issue.  Received my new DRIOD MAXX, but after a few days, now my 4G LTE icon does not light up.  How do I get it to work again.  Thank you.  Seems like a dumb question, but I still cannot get it to appear like it did before.

Thank you!!!!

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Re: My 4G LTE Symbol does not light up
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I'm sorry you're having such difficulties with your Droid Maxx NOLA8DAT! Let's get that 4G icon working how it should be. Are you getting 4G/LTE service? Please try turning off WiFi in Settings to see if corrects. If still doesn't work, please try toggling Airplane Mode On & Off a couple times.

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