My 4th Turbo 2 in less than a month... Anyone else?

Bought a brand new Turbo 2 back in May. Charging issue began in late October. Replaced with refurbished one on November 9th. That one lasted just under 3 weeks. Same problem. New one received yesterday. That lasted about 16 hours. This time with a screen issue. Constant flickering. Started while it was sitting in my cup holder while I was eating my lunch. A new refurbished one should be here tomorrow or Saturday. Factory reset every time. Get the new phone and spend 2 hours personalizing it only to have to do it again in a couple weeks, or a couple hours.  With my bill being over $340 per month (5 lines) I would think Verizon would say let's get this guy a phone that will last before he takes his business to AT&T.... Anyone else experiencing this kind of frustration with Droid Turbo 2?

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