My Droid MAXX 2 will not read sd cards

My phone is low on storage so to remedy the problem I bought an sd memory card figuring that will free up some space... I bought both an 8GB and a 16GB (which I bought from Verizon) and neither are being detected on my phone. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or what. On previous phones I have never had issues, just popped them in and they worked. I am unsure what steps to take next as I have followed all of the information I can find online, formatting the card and all of that as well as done the troubleshooting steps... any ideas on what to do next is greatly appreciated.

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addi28 SD cards are life savers. They protect our memories. Let's make sure that yours is working perfectly for you. Do you currently have a case on your phone or any attached accessories? If so, please remove them. Then you will want to power off the phone and then remove and reinsert the card. Is there any physical or liquid damage to the phone?

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Can you still do this when using the card as internal storage?  Because on the Motorola website they mention you do not want to remove the card when you are using internal storage because it may make it become corrupted. 

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We definitely wouldn't want to corrupt any SD cards and happy to clarify. You can most certainly remove and reinsert a SIM card, but ONLY when the device would be powered off. It is absolutely not recommended that the card is removed while in use or when the device is powered on unless you specifically navigate through the Settings and then Storage to "Unmount" the card.


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I have the same phone and issue. I have had 2 of these phones. The first actually fried three micro SD cards 2 128GB and 1 32GB. The second just would stop reading the micro SD card. It only happened after the Marshmallow update as part of the internal memory feature. After hours of being on the phone with Verizon, Motorola, and Lenovo and hours of research I figured out that the phone hardware is not capable of running the micro SD card as internal memory for long without causing Internal damage. It simply was no designed with this in mind. so the constant data flow of that size simply over heats the hardware for reading the micro SD card therefore causing this problem. Every one of these phones will do this with a micro SD card formated as internal memory. However if it is set a external storage the problem goes away.

While I love the features of this phone and love the phone itself I will be getting g a new device because of this issue.