My Droid Turbo 2 no longer charging ?

I have 3 droid turbo 2 phones and was lucky enough not to have any issues with any of the phones charge ports.  Recently I had to replace one of the motorola factory chargers and a few days later my wifes phone stopped taking a charge.  It will not take a charge from any of our chargers, it does momentarily show it is charging when you move the plug a certain way, when the battery died I tried to charge it again.  This time it came up with the screen as if I was trying to boot it in safe mode.  My phones are almost 3 years old and I'm sure they are past warranty, I just need to know if that is a usb port issue or if it is another hardware issue within the phone.  Any useful replies to this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: My Droid Turbo 2 no longer charging ?
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It's important for your wife to be able to charge her phone, CHRSEV14. We're glad to help with your device concerns. You mentioned that her phone will take a charge when you hold the charger a certain way. Is this still the case? When the charger is connected, does the connection seem loose? Are you able to wiggle the cord back and forth in the charging port? If so, the charging port itself may be loose. Are you still seeing a different screen when trying to power on? If so, can you clarify what you are seeing with regard to a screen that shows you are booting in Safe Mode?


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Re: My Droid Turbo 2 no longer charging ?

Mine has the same issue. Can't charge it with a cord or any of the wireless chargers that you lay the phone on, but when I was in the Verizon store here they still had an old stand-up wireless charger and it started charging perfectly. Problem is, I can't find that type of wireless charger ANYWHERE.

I LOVED that phone and wouldn't have traded it for anything if I'd had the choice, so if you've got any miracle fix suggestions up your sleeve I'm all ears!