My Google Play Store won't download apps.

I have a Droid Razr M. When I try to download an app through my Google Play Store, it says asks me to agree to terms and services, says "installing" and has the movement on the blue bar that appears to be doing something. However, it never actually installs anything. I've gone to my settings and cleared the cache for that app, and even forced stop, but it hasn't solved anything. I wasn't sure if I should "clear data" too, because I got a warning message. Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

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kayki13, let's get it to do something! Try deleting all unwanted information on your device to ensure that this isn't a memory capacity issue. Deleting unwanted call logs, text messages, e-mail, and applications will improve the performance of your device. Once that information is removed, attempt to download that application again. Keep us posted.

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