My Moto Z Play will not connect to my work's wifi network!
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I got my Moto Z Play on Black Friday after switching from AT&T to Verizon. In January/February my phone stopped connecting to my school's WiFi network. It shows that it is connecting and then it goes away and says that it's not connected. Meanwhile I am tired of pinching my data at the end of each billing cycle. This month is the second month I've gone over and was charged $15 for another gig.

My phone connects to my home network and other networks just fine. Our IT guy at the school can't figure out why my phone isn't connecting to the internet at the school. The network is set up so that teachers and students and bring their own device. Out of the entire district I am the only one (that me and the IT guy knows of anyway) that had this issue!

Yesterday I tried to fix it by factory resetting my phone. That was a mistake. Not only did it not fix my problem, but it used up the remainder of my data for the month!

I have seen on here that this has been somewhat of an issue with the Moto Z line. I need this fixed ASAP.

Thank you in advance!

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