My Motorola Z3 keeps shutting off

My Motorola Z3 keeps shutting off.  I have reviewed the posts from many of the users who have the same issue.  So, let me short cut some of the questions.

1.  It does it at any power level.

2.  It does it in safe mode.

3.  I am running the most current version of software.

4.  I have rebooted my phone twice now.  I have not downloaded any apps, and I have removed all non-essential apps that came pre-installed.

5.  Purchased the phone new in Aug 2018.

6.  There is no damage to the phone.

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Re: My Motorola Z3 keeps shutting off
Customer Service Rep

We understand how frustrating this must be for you, tshair. We appreciate the details of your troubleshooting steps. We want to get to the bottom of this for you as well, so let me ask you, have you attempted to use our Troubleshooting Assistant? If not, you can find many steps for your troubleshooting issues here:;. This will provide you steps such as checking your available memory space, clearing app caches, and force stopping apps that might be causing this issue.