My Phone Cannot Place Calls or Receive them

This is the Second Time this Problem has Happened. Each Time followed a Plane Trip from Detroit to Kansas City MO. The Phone Was Turned OFF while on the plane both times. I can Text and Receive DATA ONLY! Any call Place results with a message "The Number is Not in Service". I received a Text that when someone Calls My Phone they hear "All Circuits are Busy".

I DEPEND on This PHONE for My Business! I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS ISSUE TO KEEP HAPPENING!!!! The Verizon Techs CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT. They All want to Change the SIM Card. That was done the First Time (3 Weeks Ago) and Again When i Returned Home. At That Point I Could Place Calls, But No One Could HEAR ME! Come to find out, the phone had Switched to 4GLTE Only. If i had Less than That Coverage, My Phone Could Not Transmit My Voice!

I am at the End of my Patience With this PHONE. I had a Droid 4 and it was Fine (I Still Have It and am about to put it Back Into Service). I was talked Into this Piece of JUNK by a Pushy Verizon Twit in Toledo that would not Respond to me When I had Issues with the Turbo Set Up. I called her number when I had an issue and she Never Responded. I had to figure it out on my own and waste a bunch of time in doing so.

I Need RESULTS NOW, And What About this LOLIPOP 5.1 UPDATE I Keep Hearing About. Will That actually FIX This Thing or is it Just Another Verizon Buffer??!!

Back to the Original Issue; Is there a Problem with these phones Going Though X-RAY Machines At Airports?

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Re: My Phone Cannot Place Calls or Receive them
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Hello DanEvans442! I'm terribly sorry over any issues you've had with your Turbo. You and I have the same model. I love mine! One of the best devices have had in 10 years. I want that to be the same for you!  You've mentioned that you've had issues after deboarding the plane. One of the things you'll want to be sure of is that the device isn't inadvertently in Airplane Mode. Please go to Settings> Airplane Mode. If it is set to "On", please turn it off and try your device again.  If it was already set to off, then we can move to other possible contributors. Can you describe what happens when you try to use the service?   DionM_VZW Follow us on Twitter