My Turbo 2 Will Not Charge- 2nd Phone in less than 2 years for same issue

I travel for a living and I have several chargers that I use. The charger has to be moved around within the phone in order for it to charge the phone and even then it is not a guarantee. This is the second phone that I have had in less than two years that keeps doing this. Even the charger that came in the box will not work very well. I depend on my phone to be able to communicate with my family as I am gone months at a time. This is ridiculous. I think that I am about ready to go with a different brand of phone. I have changed USB cables, car adapters, wall adapters. The only thing that I have not changed is the phone. These other cables will charge other devices with no issue.

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Re: My Turbo 2 Will Not Charge- 2nd Phone in less than 2 years for same issue
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It’s important that you can rely on your phone, JESSIEJ1976. We appreciate all the hard work you’ve done testing difference chargers, cables, outlets, and charging blocks. Let’s see what we can do to get this working. Please respond to the private message I have sent you so that we can assist.


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