My Turbo 2 charging port is no longer working for charging or data - Needs Repair

I bought my Turbo 2 in late November, and I'm already having a problem with the charging port not working.  Originally, I thought the included turbo charger was bad, so I bought an exact replacement by Motorola.  This did not work either.  Nor did the other 4 electrical outlet chargers (both Turbo and not), 2 Verizon Wireless branded car chargers (one Turbo, one not), 3 portable battery chargers, or a USB only charger which I subsequently tried.  I subsequently found that I can also not get my computer to recognize the phone when it is plugged into the USB port, although other devices work just fine with the same computer port and cable.

The phone does charge wirelessly just fine, but this doesn't help me for longer trips (like the one I was already on when this problem became apparent).  I did some research around the internet (not just here,) and find this is an alarmingly common problem for Turbo 2 owners, with the problem not showing up until the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) update.  I usually charge my phone overnight wirelessly, so I can't be sure that this is when the problem started for me.  However, in the past week, the phone has also been randomly freezing up and then rebooting itself, a process which takes at least 10 minutes because the phone is also doing some lengthy  app optimization process each time it reboots (whether currently on a charger or not).  Rebooting, or even a hard reset does not fix any of these problem. I found that these are also common complaints among Turbo 2 users.  The consensus on the only known fix for this appears to be to send the phone back for repair.

But the biggest complaint I see is that Verizon just offers a refurbished Turbo 2 to customers with this problem even if, like me, they have paid for a custom built phone.  I do not want some random phone replacement.  I want to keep my own phone.  Is there a way to switch my service back to my old phone so that I have a phone to use while sending my Turbo 2 phone in for repair, so that I can get the same phone back in the end?  Also, is there a way to send it in for repair without visiting a Verizon store?  I can't always drive because of certain medications I am currently on, so this option would be very helpful for me right now.

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Re: My Turbo 2 charging port is no longer working for charging or data - Needs Repair
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Repairs are handled through Motorola directly. Verizon doesn't repair phones.  You should contact them for your repair options.  If the SIM card fits in your old phone, you can easily switch the active device on your line. Otherwise you can use the My Verizon process online to switch the phones and order a different size SIM card for the alternate phone.

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