My handsfree bluetooth was working in my 2013 Nissan Sentra until a few months ago, and then when I tried to use my phone in the car, the connection fails - why?

My Droid Razr was working great in my 2013 Nissan Sentra for handsfree Bluetooth use until several months ago, and then it wasn't. My car still shows Droid Razr as a connected device but the connection fails. I don't know why.  Repeated calls to Technical Support at Verizon result in being on hold longer than I care to wait.

What can I do to fix whatever the problem is?

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Now a days, being able to utilize bluetooth is a must. Do you recall anything changing on your Razr before this began? Any software updates or new apps downloaded? Are you able to connect to any other bluetooth devices besides your car?

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I'm not sure what was causing me to use almost my limit of 500mg every

month up until about a year ago, but Verizon wireless analyzed our usage

and changed our plan somehow, at which point my data usage dropped to

almost nothing (and our bill went from a little under $200/mo to under $100

a month).

I use my phone very little - I really only turn it on when I leave home

because we live in almost a dead zone - so it's of little use at the

house. We can make phone calls, but we can't connect to the internet, so

we use a line line for 99% of our phone usage.

Over the last 18 months our two phones together have use 1835 minutes, to

give you an idea of how little we use these phones. The majority of it is

my husband using it for a little business - less than an hour a month!

That is why it's infuriating that the few times a month that I leave home,

or travel out of town, I wanted to have handsfree phone capabilities in my

car, and loved it while it worked.

I've spent over an hour on the Verizon website in a live chat with two

different reps, one who couldn't even find that there had been a change in

our account, and another who did, but then told me I needed to speak with

Technical Support. Your Chat rep suggested that there may have been a

'firmware update' (NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS) that could have caused it. ????

I have tried on several occasions to reach a human at Tech Support, but

have given up after being on hold for over a half hour on every try. One of

your employees called this morning to do an 'analysis' and when I told her

of my problem, her 'solution' was to tell me she's never had to wait

anywhere near that long to speak with a tech support person. That helps me


I've driven the 75 miles from my home to my car dealership to see if they

could get the phone reconnected, and they tell me the problem is with

Verizon, or with my phone, but they don't tell me what specifically the

problem is. If I knew I would correct it, but no one seems to know!

I'm a senior citizen - not at all technically savvy. It does me NO good for

your reps to throw technical terms at me that I know nothing about.

I can only tell you that one day my car was connecting to my phone when I

was in it, and the next day I was getting messages that said the connected

to my Droid Razr failed.

I called the local Verizon store to see if I brought the phone in they

could look at the settings and tell me what I needed to change, and they

also told me to call Tech Support. Are they only good for selling phones?

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Nothing has changed.  And Verizon STILL has not correctly answered my question, nor provided a solution to my problem.

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Using your device hands free is important to all customers bethesdabeck. I understand the frustration of having this issue. A software update if you had one recently could have changed the features on your phone or limitations to using your car with the device. We can only assist with having you set the connection up again and factory resetting the device if an update caused the issue. If you have already contacted your car manufacture, the last step is to contact the phone manufacture. The number to reach Motorola is 1-800-331-6456 .They may be able to help with this issue.

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How would I "set the connection up again and factory reset the device"? If

you are referring to setting the connection to the car, it will not

recognize the phone. that was my first move, and it didn't work, hence my

contacting you.

If you 'factory reset" the phone, will that wipe all my apps, address

boo, phone numbers, etc?

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