My phone keeps using data while on wifi.

I had a Droid Razr M for 2 years and always stayed under 1 GB of data with no real problem. I recently upgraded to the Droid Turbo and figured 2 GB shouldn't be a problem, I then went over 2 GB and thought it was because it was a new phone and It happened from downloading all of the apps. I upgraded to 3 GB and started to pay attention to the data. I then got an email saying I have almost used the 3GB, but I had not used my phone much except while on wifi. I went into the store and ask a sales rep about it and he started looking at my usage and noticed that alot of the usage happened while I should have been on wifi, he then noticed that there were alot of charges that were happening exactly 6 hours apart, both while I should have been on wifi. I really liked the consistency of Verizon's network but if they keep charging me when they shouldn't I will have to start looking elsewhere. How can I fix the problem of using data while on wifi?

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