My phone went dead and I can't get it back on

I was using my cell phone and then I step away and a few minutes later we wouldn't turn on anymore.  I have tried the on/volume thing, but nothing.  What has caused and any suggestions on how to fix it.

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Re: My phone went dead and I can't get it back on
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On my! Let's get some life back into your phone.

Although it is hard to determine what has caused this to happen at the moment, we can take a few troubleshooting steps to help revive the phone. Is there any physical/liquid damage on the device?

When using the alternate method to powering on your device did you Press and hold the Volume Down button, while holding the Volume Down button press the Power button and hold both buttons for three to five seconds then release both buttons. If so, did the device make any attempt to boot up or arrive at a bootloader screen?


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