My razor maxx is so slow now
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My phone was so great and fast, then verizon made me update the software and now the phone is horrible.

I think the scum at Verizon did this on purpose to make me change phone and lose my date package, i called and they told me to do a factory reset and still the same, i told them that im thinking of leaving at the end of Feb and those arrogant bastards told me go ahead, you'll be back.

Is anybody else having the same problem, does anybody know where I could put in a complaint.


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Re: My razor maxx is so slow now

cliffdog0  read this.. 4. Re: Major issues after software update   b33

Re: My razor maxx is so slow now
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cliffdog0 lets get your device back in action! Sorry to hear of the trouble you're experiencing and your encounter with the representative. Your business is very important to us! We want to do everything we can to help and certainly don't want you to consider switching to another provider. Fill us in on the details and we'll get right to work! What specific issues are you having after the update?

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Re: My razor maxx is so slow now
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Well ever since Verizon forced a software update my phone was not the same

Where should I start

At least 20 times a day or better my apps freezes, my home screen stops responding, My screen flickers and flashed and the whole phone freezes up.

This is every day all day, i constancy restart my phone, i did factory resets, how many factory resets do you guys expect me to do.

I contacted  the BBB and Consumer Affairs, i feel im paying for a service that Verizon is not providing, I was told by a Verizon Rep that the company wants everyone off unlimited data, so i feel that this update was done intentionally to frustrate me and everyone else who is having the same problem so we go out buy new phones and lose our grandfathering.

My complaint is in with the BBB and Consumer affairs and Next week at my union meeting i will advice them not to go with Verizon wireless if matter don't get better,

The end of February my contract is up and i will switch if things dont get better, i know verzion is the leader in the industry but i dont care, and once i leave i wont ever be back, ill cancel my fios and my internet, i dont care if i have to downgrade to cable, its principle

Re: My razor maxx is so slow now

Hey Cliffdog0 you did all you can.!!!   K  It's time to take the phone to one of your local store's in the Morning show a Rep or a  Manager see if they'll  DOA it on the grounds of issues with KIT- KAT OS  if they do and you get another phone if it does not have the K.K. already on it once you get the phone set and if it wants to load on it do not take the update what so ever I have not on mine it ask me just about everytime I shut my phone off and & turn it on or when the display times out and i re-tap the power button..

That's about all you can do.. for now!  Now if you'd rather get something done tonight Customer Service is Open till 11pm I was even told it was open 24 hours but you at least have till 11 they can also issue you a new phone on grounds of the said issue and DOA..

Here is the Number to Call 1-800-922-0204  or  call *611 use option 3 or 4 ask to talk to a Representative..  Good Luck let me know how it turn out..Smiley Happy  b33

Re: My razor maxx is so slow now
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I agree with B33, your best bet is to go straight into a store...BUT i have very little hope they will do much, assuming you've had this phone for a decent amount of time.

When I first got my razr maxx it was on ics, almost immediately i was able to install jb. Well, verizon did a great job at pushing out and installing the new os..not. The firmwares mixed and completely bricked my phone. No recovery, no boot, nothing. Luckily since I just got the phone the previous day the manager at Verizon was quick to give me a new phone and take my old one. Awesome!

That was almost two years ago. I have learned that these smartphones are a lot like computers, yes? What I mean by that is typically when a computer is SO slow that it is unusable then a fresh install of the operating system fixes the problem. Yay it's running like a new computer! Android is no different.

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When you send it in, they will either:

1. Send you a refurbished phone or;

2. sbf it and send it back

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Re: My razor maxx is so slow now
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Thank you everyone for the info

i went to Verizon and they basically told me goodbye.

i will be be going to sprint next week, and im canceling my fios and internet.

I have file complaints with the BBB and consumer affairs for paying for a service that i have not received

probably nothing will happen though.

thank you all

and good bye scummy Verizon