Need not syncing incoming email.

Not receiving incoming email but I can still send out email (yahoo)..  It says it can not connect to server every time i try to sync it myself since it stopped syncing automatically (even though it is still set to auto sync every 15 min).  I deleted account and re added it thinking it may fix the issue but no luck.  still doing the same.  My brothers cell is doing the same exact thing too.  Any help is greatly appreciated

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Re: Need not syncing incoming email.
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Go to the Google Play Store on the device and get the free Yahoo Mail App.

Install it and just sign in with your user name and password. Presto a working Y Mail account.

Go into setting after its set up. Change the frequency of email, push, sounds, etc.

This works much better than the stock email app on the device.

Same applies to your brother.

Good Luck