New Droid Maxx Camera won't load.

Very frustrating and wishing I would have just gotten an I Phone and been done with it. Android and Windows are more trouble then they are worth these days and it seems Apple works well in all platforms from phones, tablets to computers and laptops. Maybe I'm naive I just don't seem to hear the problems from my friends with I Phones.

Verizon sells us this garbage that hasn't been thoroughly for big bucks then we have to waste all our valuable time just trying to get the devices to work as advertised!

My new Droid Maxx won't load the camera just gives camera error message, it did load a few days ago to a bunch of colored lines across the screen from top to bottom but now doesn't even do that. I downloaded a couple of other phones one being the LOMO and it will load only the rear facing camera with only a black screen for the main camera. I'm a photographer so only use phone cam rarely but first time I noticed it was at family gathering where I didn't bring other phone because this supposedly being so good would have sufficed for the snap shots I wanted but got nothing thanks Google!

I have booted into safe mode as some suggested without any success, I did a complete factory reset and was hopeful but still no luck, what a way to spend my Saturday, again thank you Google! I guess I now need to drive the 36 miles to nearest Verizon Store and see if they can fix or replace, if they say mail it in I'm gonna (removed)!

Thanks Google aka Motorola

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Re: New Droid Maxx Camera won't load.

I've had the droid maxx since October.... It has been 8 months, about 3 weeks ago I got the error message " camera won't load" please restart. I do this every time. I brag about this phones ability to handle battery. Its not the battery. I have checked every forum to decided what is wrong.  Is it applications that use the camera i.e. snapchat that have the bug?  I have cleared every cache since, And my phone is currently running in safe mode, its makes no difference. Why is my camera not working? Short of a manufactor defect? Am i under a manufacturer warrenty? Anyone else having this problem?

Please help