New Moto Z3 & data usage increased by 700% for same activity. Why?
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My usage has been averaging between 1 & 2G for ages while I've been paying for the 5G plan.  After adding extra data a week ago and then running out again today before the end of the cycle, I checked usage history.  In Feb 1.4G, in Mar 1.6G and in April (after buying new phone) it jumped to 7.6G and counting.  I'm not doing anything different with the phone that I did before.  And the kicker is that it says I don't have any data to rollover even though the usage history shows I haven't been using even half of my data until now.

Any hints on why there would be such a HUGE jump?  Is there some new app or setting that was automatically loaded with the new system that is causing it?  And can it be turned off?

This is ridiculous and until I know what caused the change I'm not willing to even consider a larger data plan since nothing in my habits caused the increase in data usage.  

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: New Moto Z3 & data usage increased by 700% for same activity. Why?
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Rollover data only lasts 1 billing cycle.


Example: You use half your 5GB plan, in one cycle, you get 2.5GB that gets carried over. Next cycle you used 4GB. That 2.5GB you didn't use drops off and you get the 1 in this current cycle carrying over to the next.