No 5g wifi visible, no Bluetooth connectivity

About 2 weeks ago, the same thing started to happen to me, after that phone started to act crazy...

-Bluetooth cannot connect,

-Overheat when wifi is on, then started reboot in loop (until I'm able to turn off wifi). Did everything your supposed to do, clear cache, forget network, deleted my latest app, reboot, reboot in safe mode... the issues we're still there...

-After a few days of repeating all those steps, I finally got rid of the oveheat reboot loop when the wifi is on. But can only see and connect to 2,4g network, no 5g (still no Bluetooth)

-the setting app started to be slow (freezes for a few seconds before the system ask you if you wanna wait or close the app, I choose wait and the app unfreeze)

-Ive tried the rsa (repair system assistant) from verizon without any fix

-finally decide to go for the factory reset. It fixed the freezing issues, works like a charm, but still no 5g wifi nor Bluetooth...

I have the phone since September, never had any issues, went through all update, force droid edition xt1650-02, build ncl25.86-11.5, I'm using it on a Canadian network (Fido)

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Re: No 5g wifi visible, no Bluetooth connectivity

Made a mistake on the way my story started.

It should read as follow : about a month ago, my Bluetooth connection playback started being weird, whenever I press play (on any media files) it plays for half a second then stops...

After that the phone started to act crazy...