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I have a Droid Maxx 16 GB phone, and the only way I know that I have a text message, is looking at the screen. How do I set up a sound notification that will let me know I have a text?

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In the text message application you can change the notification tone under the settings.

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Look no further help is here BeachGaBulldog. Text message is my main means of communication so I understand how important it is for it to work properly.

Are you using the default messaging app that came on the phone or a 3rd party app? When did the text sound notification stop?

There are couple of locations where the user can check for Notifications.

1. Settings --> Sound -->Default notification sounds --> Select Any

2. Settings --> Sound --> Volumes --> Make sure that Notification volume is HIGH

3. Text Messaging --> Settings ( Bottom right there are 3 dots ) --> Scroll Down to Notifications --> Sound --> Make sure a sound is selected

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