No audio on calls for either party

I just purchased the Droid Turbo 64gb ballistic about two weeks ago.  Currently, when I make or receive phone calls, the other party cannot hear me at all, and I can only hear them if I use speakerphone.  This started intermittently last week, but the issue seemed to resolve after one or two tries of making the phone call.  I had no issues with calls dropping and once the call "worked" so that both parties could hear each other, there were no other issues during the call, and I had conversations up to about an hour long.  Over the past two days, I have tried multiple times to call several people as well as received calls at various locations and I have had no success.  I also tried using a headset plugged in to the audio jack, but there was no audio either way through that either.

I have very few additional apps installed on the device, and none that should interfere with this at all.  I have verified that wi-fi and bluetooth were turned off when making/receiving calls.  I also cleared the phone's cache, which did not help.  I started the phone in safe-mode and tested that also, and still nothing.

From a web search, it seems this may be a somewhat common issue for some Droid Turbos, but I have not been able to find any concrete resolution.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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