No one from Verizon has addressed my previous post, so I'll ask again:
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WHAT IN THE HECK happened during the 5/22/14 update that messed up Android phones on Verizon? Is it possible to UN-update??? I have a Motorola Droid Razr M. ( I have a friend who has a Samsung Galaxy Note, and she is having similar problems as me).  I LOVED my phone until this May 22, 2014 I HATE it.  And don't tell me there is something wrong with my phone.....these issues started IMMEDIATELY after re-starting my phone after installing the update.  I have gone through all the typical troubleshooting steps already. Here is a list of my issues, in no particular order:

1.  Device vibration upon incoming call/text is so faint now it is undetectable when the phone is in my pocket or purse.   It worked just fine before. 

2.  LED light to signal incoming call or text, missed call, or low battery no longer working....I only get an LED light with incoming call and it is a very pale, faint white light that is hard to see in the daylight. No light for missed call, incoming text, or battery.

3.  Calls drop constantly when I cradle the phone between my chin and shoulder.  Never had this problem before, and I ALWAYS cradle the phone.  I believe this problem exists because of issue #4....

4.  Prior to update, during a call, if I had the phone up to my ear, the buttons would go to black screen so there was no accidental bumping of buttons, until I pulled the phone away from my ear.  After update, buttons stay visible during call, thus possibly leading to the issue above.

5. No longer able to switch between calls using call waiting feature. First call is always dropped when I go to switch.

6. Volume on calls significantly reduced....even with volume all the way up.  Very hard to hear the caller talking now unless they raise their voice!

7. It is now taking a good 5-8 seconds for a call to begin from the time I click on my contact to the time the number actually dials.  I don't understand the sudden delay!

8.  All my icons for apps/widgets changed.  Not liking new format.    

9. Not liking new format on white text message screen....very hard to see in daylight. Not liking inability to delete multiple messages at once.

10.  Not liking format of contacts list, with no letter tabs on sides to go directly to the letter I want, I have to scroll through whole list now.

11.  Update messed with my Weather Underground App (dark grey on the radar map now, making it hard to see precipitation), and Facebook (cannot operate several functions within Facebook that were easily accessible just prior to the phone update). New format on Google Play Music has changed and is no longer user-friendly!!

12.  Update installed several apps that I do not want nor need on my phone but yet I cannot un-install.  Perhaps leading to issue #13....


14.  Can no longer download music from MP3 download site to Google Play Music. Downloads go to Astro File manager and cannot be moved to Google Play Music widget.

I clean cache/history and run Antivirus software at least once weekly.  I manage running tasks/apps.  I do not download apps,  no do I download music from questionable sources.  And yet I have at least 14 problems/issues since the update!  And I have been reading online that MANY Android owners are having many of the same issues & complaints since the 5/22/14 update. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE!!  THESE UPDATES.....WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO "FIX" SOMETHING THAT ISN'T EVEN BROKEN????  Because....NOW it IS broken.... Smiley Sad something about this, please??????

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Re: No one from Verizon has addressed my previous post, so I'll ask again:
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Neenert88 I sympathize with you.  I just added a line to my account because of major issues with the Droid Razor M which they could not fix.    I can't view email 99% of the time. I can open the app but that's as far as it goes.  I live by email some days so it's causing big issues for me at times.  No answer from Verizon when I had the problem with the Razor either, just that they are aware there are bugs and give it few weeks to see if they make any patches.  I don't have several weeks to sit and wait to see if someone decides to make a decision to fix the issues.

I'm paying for a service that I cannot use, and there seems to be no care from anyone to resolve a thing.  It's ok that they receive their payments but when there is a problem, everyone seems to disappear.  Forget about insurance, $100.00 later, on top of what you paid already, you get a crappy refurbished phone that someone else already returned because of issues.

I have an appointment tomorrow with Verizon.  If they can't fix the problem and guarantee it tomorrow, they can take the phone back for a full refund, of EVERYTHING, or reduce my bill for no access until they do, or I'll take my business someplace else and NOT purchase a product with the Droid OS.   Such a shame.  I guess they don't believe in performing testing on applications or OS before it's rolled out to the public. 

Re: No one from Verizon has addressed my previous post, so I'll ask again:
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Neenert88 you are asking a question that has already been addressed at least 800 times on the forum.  Just spend some time and read about the issues everyone is having with the Kit Kat update here in this forum.  You may find it helpful.