No pictures available to post to Facebook from phone

When trying to post pictures in Facebook from my Motorola One 5G UW Ace, it only gives me like the last 10 pictures I have taken.  I have thousands of pictures on my phone but when trying to post pics to Facebook, I am out of luck.  What gives?  We haven't made any changes except to get My Verizon and the Cloud backup for pictures.  My wife has that but she still sees all of her thousands of pictures from Gallery, Verizon Media and other folders with pictures on her phone.  I need HELP quick as I am at a car show and want to upload pics of cars to others who couldn't come.

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Re: No pictures available to post to Facebook from phone
Customer Service Rep

Hello, and thank you for sharing all these details. We understand how important it is to have access to all those photos. No worries, we will take some steps and get to the bottom of this. Do you have any updates available to download for Facebook or the device?