Not so sweet Nougat garbage?
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My phone updated to nougat. No real issues at first except when using the screen resolution I had the common camera buttons not working. That and the assistant clashing with moto voice.

Well, almost a week in now just today, my camera will not boot. And my messaging service also crashes. Not to mention, turbo charge doesn't work, battery life is now pathetic, and my [Removed] USB charger can't even charge fast enough to keep up with the O.S. And screen being on...

Getting extremely upset.  Already have done.

Safe mode attempt.

Cleared data for apps.

Cleared cache.

Factory reset.

Still broken.

I live over 50 miles from the closest Verizon center that does repairs.  Going to attempt to get this fixed, before I fix it myself and downgrade back to marshmallow

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Re: Not so sweet Nougat garbage?
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Couldn't help but read this post and smile at the fact that I'm not alone in the aftermath of the upgrades. I wasn't​ offered the update until the morning of the 13th. Seeing as how I was extremely tucked into the book I had been reading I put off the install (a few times actually). Yesterday I broke down and started loading the files in the background and getting ready for the update itself.  ​If I had known I'd spend most of the evening trying to fix my message plus non responding notice, and the rest of my time till now troubleshooting EVERYTHING and "calmly" explaining to 2 techs that I can't call the support line since my OS is froze... Well, if anyone has an idea on how I can send this thing back to the bottomless pit I'll be more than happy to YouTube it!!

Re: Not so sweet Nougat garbage?

I am also frustrated by this update! I use my phone camera to video my sale prospects and the video part no longer works. It just takes a burst of pictures. I disabled most of the apps that I don't use and that helped with battery life. I like the larger fonts and many of the changes but no video is a big problem for me! Is there ever going to be a fix or is it recommended to go back to Marshmallow??