Nougat update set increasing ringtone
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After the Nougat update installed, my phone now has an increasing ringtone (it is very muted on the first ring) and I can barely hear notifications.  It did not do this before?  Are there any ways to change or fix this?

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Re: Nougat update set increasing ringtone

My turbo 2, was fine for a long time after nougat update. Then, I ran into some malware and had to factory reset. Things were ok for a week or so, then I noticed the first ring was quiet then jumped up yo normal volume, not an ascending ring! After a few days I got a call and it did nothing but vibrate. I started changing the ringtone from pyxis and digital phone to other tones. Often when was in settings and chose a tone it would start quiet as well then jump up. Then if I chose a different tone it would be fine, while in settings. When I chose the pyxis again or another tone it would be fine. Close settings then open again, the quiet first ring would be back. I don't think I've missed any calls, but the first ring is always quiet now then jump. Does not do this for all ringtones. Are files corrupt? If so why does it work fine sometimes in settings. Very frustrating. Don't want to reset phone again unless it fixes the issue. Help?