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Numerous problems after buying new Moto Z2 Force

Has anyone else experienced any of the following issues after getting a new cell phone from Verizon?

Problems sending email from your email server

Problems with you home phone being "tied" to your cell phone.

Numerous unwanted "apps" on the new phone that clutter up the screen

Difficulty in "uninstalling" unwanted apps and some that apparently can not be uninstalled.

I spent hours upon hours cleaning up all these problems, by myself, my email carrier and high level Verizon Tech support and still can not uninstall some of the "pre-installed" apps.

I believe that, other than the pre-installed apps, the problem is that Verizon used some Google, and or gmail to transfer the data from my previous phone via "the cloud" or whatever they did.  This is the second new cell phone in two months, in my family, that has caused the exact same problems/symptoms.

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Re: Numerous problems after buying new Moto Z2 Force
Customer Service Rep

Trlong1, we do appreciate you for taking thee time to work on this with us and we want to help make sure that your device is set up properly for your use. With the  pre-installed apps, these apps are set up by both Verizon and the manufacturer to be installed on the device. You would be able to disable these apps from your Application Manager setting in you device to prevent further data usage. If you are facing issues with the transfer of content from certain platforms other than Verizon Cloud, we would like to ensure that the information can be seen from said other platforms such as your email or Google account. For that option, getting in contact with Google customer support would be the step needed. Was all the information you wanted to transfer saved on your Verizon Cloud prior to said transfer?