OS upgrade deleted basic visual voicemail app

Two problems really

1) The February OS upgrade for my Moto G7 Play asked for a User agreement before updating Visual Voicemail app.  Not understanding, I declined.  The OS updated but then deleted the basic visual voicemail app  (not basic voicemail-that still works thru *86)

2) I have not received the March 2020 OS update and cannot seem to force it.  Not an option under the settings. 

Appreciate any help.  Use phone for my business and really missing visual notifications about new voicemails.


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Re: OS upgrade deleted basic visual voicemail app
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure that you have access to your voicemail, TomsMotoG7. The app could have been deleted from the device because it was not updated and incompatible with the software update. Have you attempted to go into the My Verizon app and add the feature and download again? You can do this by going into the app>press the top left menu button>Account>Add ons>Voicemail. 


For your second concern, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer. We have no say on when software updates are pushed to devices, what they consist of, etc. This is all handled by the manufacturer directly. 


Please let us know if this information helps.