Only getting 3g instead of 4g

When I bought this phone a few months ago I started on the "$80" per month unlimited plan.  I was having a lot of trouble streaming, which I found very surprising.  Prior to that I had a prepaid $45 per month unlimited plan through another carrier and never had any trouble streaming.  So I called Verizon and the agent told me that I needed to upgrade to the $90 per month plan.  I did that, now I'm paying basically $100 per month for one line and half the time I'm only getting 3g speeds and still have trouble streaming video.  So I'm thinking if I can get better service for half of the price, what am I still doing with Verizon?  I have a Moto Z3 Play. 

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Re: Only getting 3g instead of 4g
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Andromeda441, it's important to us that your data is working as it should be. We're here to assist. We just need some additional details first. Which unlimited plan do you have (Go, Start, Play More, Do More, Above or Get More)? When does your bill cycle start over each month? How much data have you used since it last started over (per your My Verizon Mobile app Data Hub)? Are the 3G speeds consistent or only at certain times of the day or when performing certain actions (i.e. when streaming or viewing vids)?