Otterbox Defender Case Issues
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I have the Otterbox Defender Case for the Droid Maxx. I had the same case type for the Galaxy S3 phone, and had no problems getting the phone in and out of the plastic outer shell (belt clip). With the Droid Maxx on the other hand, if I need to answer a call or do anything with the phone, I find that I have to take the entire casing from my belt and use both hands to get the phone out of the belt clip. The same thing is the case when trying to put the phone back in. I have to get the bottom half inside the outer belt clip and then sort of force the top half in.

In looking at both defender cases side by side, there is a significant design change. The S3 defender case has a closed bottom and the top half is open with two corner pieces. In the middle of the case where the belt clip is located, there is a plastic piece that is used as 'lever' to easily insert and remove the phone.


The defender case for the droid maxx is completely open all around except for four corner pieces. There is nothing in the middle to get the phone in and out of the case. I contacted Otterbox and they first sent me a reply back with warranty claim information. The second reply included a video on how to remove the case if I want to remove the casing and to the phone. The third reply from Otterbox informed me that they didn't get pictures from the first reply. I called Otterbox, but they were unable to explain the reason for the design change.

Is it just me or is there anyone else experiencing difficulty with the defender case?

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