Pay Insurance? Don't be surprised if they don't honor it!!!!

4hrs...yes 4 hrs on the phone with 4 different techs!!!  & 1 Verizon store. The phone just stopped work for text & calls . The store replaced the sim card them told me the phone was defective. All the techs said NO PROBLEM you're covered. BUT when they move me over to 3rd party insurance they say NOPE its on verizon. So I have start completely over after each contact with insurance. NOW the last tech say's you are not covered! OK then give me back the insurance money I have been giving you for 4 years!  So today Im getting a call to see what kind of CREDIT they will give me. Do you believe that Verizon has been collecting insurance money from me fraudulently!@@#$$%  Anyone else paying insurance should check into this

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Re: Pay Insurance? Don't be surprised if they don't honor it!!!!

Seems there is a lot of missing information in your post.  Asurion is the insurance company Verizon and most ever carrier uses.   There are many ways you can void your coverage.  Like replacing your phone with a spare before you submit a claim.  Swapping phones to uncovered/different lines.   
  In general, if you don't do anything unusual, and follow protocol, your phone is covered.   
   So what did you leave out of your post that might be relevant?