Phone Issues & Replacements
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My current phone the Droid Razr Maxx lasted about a year before I started having problems. The phone would freeze, shut down and refuse to start up again. It was discovered that my SIM card wouldn't lock in place....They replaced the phone. The new USED phone had no issue with the SIM card...Within hours of activating it, I was having the same issues. I took the phone to a Verizon store and they played with it for a bit before deeming it defective. They ordered me another new USED phone. I get the 3rd phone, charge it and activate it....I try texting a few times, the phone shuts down and won't restart without doing a factory reset. This phone is having the same problems as the previous two...This proves that they have no idea what the issue is are how to resolve it, but they're more than happy to throw refurbished phones at you for 50 bucks....This is my last contract with Verizon, I will be dumping them ASAP. Maybe I'm asking too much for my $160 a month.....

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