Phone not charging

My fiancé and I have the droid turbo 2 and we love it and never had an issue with it since we got the phones on November. But today he went to put his phone on the charger and it will not go pass 7% its been on the charger for almost an hour and has not changed. He even tried using another charger. Anyone have a solution for us to try out?

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Re: Phone not charging
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KehrGirl94, we want your husband to continue loving his phone! Lets get that phone charged up. Has he downloaded any new applications on the phone? Does the phone indicate that it is charging? (charging bolt, percentage, LED charging light) Does the charger fit snug or rather loosely?

We'll figure this out.

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Re: Phone not charging
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I've only used the stock charger and then bought another to see if it was the charger or phone... Same issue, putting the phone in safe mode doesn't help, it still draws more power faster than it can charge. I'm writing this as it's plugged in and the battery is discharging . both chargers have the same issue. Maybe upgrading to marshmallow will fix this? It's almost as if the phone can't tell what amp/wattage to draw so it's drawing a standard USB power ... Like charging it from a computer....