Phone screen not responding

I have a Droid Turbo, and recently, when the display goes to sleep, it will randomly not wake back up. I have to do a hard restart on the phone, which may or may not work, and then it has to optimize all the apps. This process can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on how long it takes from the boot screen to optimizing apps. Sometimes i have to restart 2 or 3 times. This just started a week ago, no water damage, high drops or large impacts. When this doesnt happen, the phone works great.

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Re: Phone screen not responding
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As a proud user of a Droid Turbo, I'm honored to assist with helping you get the most out of your device TRCilio5561. I can certainly empathize with you as I have experienced this issue before with my device. I'm confident that together we can get your device working without the worry of it not waking back up randomly.

When did you first start experience the intermittent wakeup? How many apps do you have downloaded on your phone? In my case, the optimizing apps process took longer than normal because I had hundred of apps downloaded. What changes, if any, were made to the device that may contributed to this issue? For example, was the software recently upgraded? As you share the details then we can troubleshoot together.

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