Phone supposely shipped with case but only case arrived....


         I just ordered a  Droid Turbo 2 online. Hopefully a good choice. On 11/4 I ordered the phone online as well as a case. It gave me an expected delivery date of 11/13. I was surprised to learn on 11/5 that my case and phone both shipped and would arrive on 11/6 (today). According to the order, and as far as Verizon could tell, my phone and case we in the same package. So today the package arrives and only a case is in it. Along with the case is order confirmation with only the case on it. It does state that my shipment could be sent in multiple shipments on the order confirmation sheet, but Verizon has no more orders for me. I called them and after being on hold for 30 minutes they stated to hang tight, they have no idea whats going on that its maybe being shipped separately and hopefully it will either arrive and I could be sent another order email once it ships. So my question is has anyone else every experience this and does your phone ever show up?

Hopefully Hopeless.

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