Phone (voice) will not work through WIFI
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I have a Moto Z Droid. In the area I live there is a very poor cell phone signal. To have service I have to connect through my WIFI router. It has been working fine but now I am having trouble. I cannot call out or receive calls. I know my internet connection is fine because my other phone works fine through the WIFI. I have tried to call my phone with my wifes and it just goes to voice mail. Weird!

When it was working, in the upper left hand corner of the screen it would show "Verizon WIFI". Now it only shows Verizon. I have gone through the WIFI settings for connecting to the router, rebooted my phone, re-performed the WIFI setup, etc. Still it does not work. 

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a setup I'm missing? I'm guessing my phone is losing its mind. 🙂 

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Re: Phone (voice) will not work through WIFI
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OLP, we want to ensure you can use your Wi-Fi Calling services as needed. We welcome the opportunity to assist with this matter. We just need some clarifying details. When you attempt the Wi-Fi setup, do you receive an error message or does it indicate it was enabled but you're still unable to use it? When performing the set up are you receiving adequate LTE signal? Is your Droid Z software version up-to-date?