Power button not working properly
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My two-year old Droid Turbo 2 recently started restarting when pressing the power button.  Normally, the power button would either wake up or put to sleep the screen and would click.  The click was gone and pressing the button would result in the phone restarting.  I took it to a local Verizon store to see if they could look at it and possibly repair it.  The device does qualify for trade-in/upgrade, but I'm not ready for that, although I did have the agent show me what phones were available.  I don't have insurance on the phone and they didn't provide repair services like this.  The agent did refer me to a shop around the block, Home | uBreakiFix and I took it there for evaluation.  I left it with them for a couple hours while I had my car's oil changed.  They were able to take the phone apart and see that it was 'gummed' up around the switch, possibly due to heat causing the gumming.  They cleaned it up and the switch is now clicking and working like it should.  Very reasonable cost to repair and quickly done.  Hopefully, I'll have more time with this phone until I decide to replace it.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
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