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I usually add funds to my Prepaid account for my Moto e phone on the first of the month.  Before today, my plan was simple Talk & Text, and I added Data Boosts as necessary.  Today when I logged in, I noticed that the Add Data option was gone from my account.  This was upsetting as the last time I let data lapse, my phone behaved like it had been deactivated.  I switched my plan to 15GB so I would at least have data, and it appears to have transferred successfully, but I still do not see an option to Add Data in my account. 

I do not see myself exceeding 15GB/month, but the fact that this option is now hidden is distressing because it makes it look like there is no option to get extra data in the event that I need it, even though I'm sure Verizon would be happy to charge a fortune to give me more.  My general questions are: why is the Add Data option gone?  Why was that changed?  How can extra data be added in an emergency?  Is my plan transfer going to mess up for some reason and leave me without my phone?

Additionally, I was only notified about any changes to data plans in an email sent to me about 15 hours ago.  For a telecommunications company, Verizon is doing a poor job at communicating with their customers.  I do not generally like change, but it easier to adapt to with sufficient advanced warning.  The fact that I am legitimately considering switching carriers for this phone would be an upset to my daily life that I would rather avoid, but now I find myself considering it because I have no idea what Verizon is going to muck up next month.

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Re: Prepaid Plan Change
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Hello, Julie! We understand that you are experiencing an issue with your service! We are here to help! Please send us a Private Messgae for immediate asssitance. We're looking forward to working with you!