RAZR HD Family Update to KitKat
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I'd like to hear from someone at Verizon regarding when we can expect this update to roll out?  The fine folks at Motorola mentioned two weeks ago that we could expect to see it roll out "in a few weeks."  So, Verizon, how close are we?

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Re: RAZR HD Family Update to KitKat
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YOU DO NOT WANT THE UPDATE. IT IS HORRIBLE. Check the message boards. bluetooth doe not work swipe does not work email does not work. texting is horible keeps say try late. My phone updated in the middle of the night without my permission or knowledge.

I've been to the Verizon store 3 times and they can not fix the problems. They keep doing a HARD reboot and I lose everything again!

My contract is up next month and I am moving to another wireless company. Verizon is the pitts. Their so called techs don't know anything about anything!