RAZR MAXX Required Hard Reset, Now Can't Access SD Card?
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Today, my GPS signal kept malfunctioning. This was unacceptable as I drive all over the place for work. I called Verizon support and they had me do a hard reset.

After the hard reset, I set up my phone again and was unable to access the SD card. I entered my pin, and the following message showed up on my phone:

SD Card Password Protection

SD card has been secured by another device and cannot be accessed unless formatted.

Tap "OK" and:

SD Card Password Protection

Failed to verify SD card security settings.  Encrypted content is not accessible.

Tap "OK" and I'm taken back to the home screen.

Is there any way to restore the SD card?  If not, how do you reformat the card to make it usable again? When I try to reformat it from the phone, the only option I have under "storage" is "Mount SD Card" which obviously does not work.

Thank you.

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Re: RAZR MAXX Required Hard Reset, Now Can't Access SD Card?
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Hi DroidRAzrMaxx0111 - I appreciate you taking the steps to troubleshoot your original concerns and I apologize it had some unintended results! When going to Settings>Location & Security>Data Encryption, is "Storage" currently checked? Is "Encryption key type" greyed out? I look forward to working with you to restore the data!

Thank you,

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Re: RAZR MAXX Required Hard Reset, Now Can't Access SD Card?

Give this a Try if you have not already > Unmount your SD card but don't pull it out of the phone.. hit the home button from there power cycle the phone once done go to your setting <> storage <> see if your card remounted itself if it did back and then Try your GPS see if it operating normally again) now if the card did not remount itself then remount it and then try using your GPS..  Let us know if this worked or not.. b33