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Davidoo, thank you for your reply. I think part of my aggravation comes from

the salesperson not informing me of this lack in the Motorola as it is

something I would find noteworthy. Now I wish I had gotten the SGS6 and

taken my chances with the improvement they say was made in the battery life.

The Turbo does have awesome battery life. (VZW people save your breathe and

don't try to tell me to use Verizon Edge and get an SGS6 now.) Soldier on!

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IM glad you got the answers you needed.   Hope David gets the message of thanks.

The no interest loan is the future.  all carriers are going in this direction and it's about time. 

Subsidized phones are on the way out.   I'm shocked customers have no idea of the true cost of their phones.  Nor do they realize they have been paying for their phones all along.  They also don't understand that they will pay the same amount for a phone no matter which plan they choose now, Edge or 2 year contract.