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All of a sudden I'm getting random group texts that seem like they may be spam or some kind of phishing scam. I've been forwarding them to spam. I've changed my account security passwords, etc. I'm still getting these group texts. How does this happen and what can I do to make it stop? There are no links in the bodies of the texts, mostly just a few words and sometimes numbers or random names. What are the 'scammers' doing? Can they hack into my phone or other information?

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Re: Random group texts
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Cobro, I know from experience how much of a nuisance it can be to receive unwanted communications. I welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry. It sounds like you've taken some great steps already in reporting these messages and changing your account passwords. To further prevent these messages from arriving on your device, you can add the number to our Call & Messaging Block service as shown in Question 4 of the attached link. If the messages are coming from a website or email address, you can block those addresses as shown in Question 5. Here's the link for reference:  https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/block-unblock-services-faqs/.


So long as you're taking no action when receiving those messages (calling any phone numbers referenced in the message, replying to the message, visiting a linked website if applicable), there shouldn't be any harm to your Verizon services. I hope this information helps. 



Re: Random group texts

somebody's got the number you're using if you have a reconditioned phone.

yes, i jgot a spoof call from cs, 1-800-922-0204 a few days ago.

get your number changed.

Re: Random group texts
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Note: If you have a prepaid account, the Blocks page isn't available. Refer to the My Verizon for Prepaid FAQs for an alternative way to block calls and messages.


if you have Verizon Prepaid you're fudgeed cause it terrible.