Razor M-Stuck in Start Up Loop-CANNOT Be Repaired

I have been a VW customer for over 10 yrs.  I am thankful to say my contract ends 2-27-14.  They do not stand behind any of the phones they sell.  This phone was great for the first year of our contract then both my husband and I had to use insurance.  The phones were then replaced with refurbished phones.  Two months ago my Razr failed completly I took it into the VW store and all customer service said was don"t you have a old VW phone you could use until your upgrade is due in two months.  My question to VW ix why must I wait two months for a new phone when I still have to pay the bill for a supposedly smart phone? I will not renew my contract I am tired of paying $350. a month to you for horrible customer service.  If they were smart they would have sunk me into another 2 year contract I am glad they did not.

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