Razr HD - KitKat crashed my phone - inoperable...don't do it!!!
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Well after a week of getting this KitKat update pushed to my well functioning Droid Razr HD, and after a few attemps at downloading that did not complete, I finally did it yesterday....WHAT A BIG MISTAKE.  I was never even able to see all the problems people have been talking about such as deletion of the swype keyboard, battery burn and hot temps because it CRASHED my phone and was never operable again.  I spent hours at the Verizon Store yesterday with no luck, the only options was get a 'like-new' replacement or upgrade and pay...wait a minute...it was Verizon's push that did this, not my error or negligence...Well, now the 'like-new' one is on the way..and I get to set it up all over again...THANKS!!  I am super frustrated that this was pushed out without all the bugs being fixed. 

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Re: Razr HD - KitKat crashed my phone - inoperable...don't do it!!!
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Two years ago, a VZW/Samsung Android update basically "bricked" my perfectly functioning Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere.  After six frustrating months, I upgraded to the Motorola Droid Razr HD, and have been extremely pleased with its features and performance.

The notice of an Android KitKat upgrade rattled me.  History repeating itself?  The OTA download was automatic, hence unavoidable. Therefore, I immediately began watching the internet for signs of trouble. There are many, and they are unsurprisingly consistent.  Eliminating the Razr HD's Google calendar app, which came with a live icon, is madness: Next to the basic telephone function, the calendar is the most important smartphone function contributing to my daily productivity.  White text screens, inconsistent WiFi, and all the rest of the issues, who needs the aggravation?

The only saving grace: The phone keeps asking if I wish to install the KitKat download now or wait 12 hours, at which time I will be asked the same question again.  Rest assured that I will continue to defer installing the KitKat download unless, of course, Motorola fixes the flaws which have been discovered.  Better yet, let those who wish to revert to JellyBean have an option to do so.

"Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on me."

Re: Razr HD - KitKat crashed my phone - inoperable...don't do it!!!
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Don't do the update. My phone did the update and the droid laid on his back with an X and now all I get is the red logo. cant do a factory reboot or get into the ap menu just red logo. IT BRICKED MY PHONE I have had it since they came out and have been all over the world with it, and never had a problem until KITKAT BRICKED IT.

Verizon only response is to send me a refurbished phone that I will have to spend weeks to get it set back up to the way that I had it.

I am not happy with the response for their screw up. I don't want a refurbished phone I want my good phone to work and they don't know how to fix it just replace that is the support. I have seen the post on the net and I am not the only person that this has happened to in the android community.

If you want a good paper weight than do the update and take the chance.