Razr M Messaging - repeating 19 times!

When I send a text the receiver gets it 19 times! How do I fix this? Is there something I can use other than Messaging?

And it's not just messaging. My phone has been getting really hot even when I'm not using it, the battery dies after about an hour off the charger, It turns itself off sporadically and is super slow. I don't know what is wrong with it. This has been happening since the kit kat upgrade (which bricked my phone, if that's the right term). I had to have it reset because messenger kept killing the home screen. Help!

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Re: Razr M Messaging - repeating 19 times!
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Whoa! I'm sure nobody wants the same message 19 times. Let us offer some assistance. Are you using a message app from the Play Store or is it the message icon/app that came on the phone?
An overheated phone should be evaluated at our corporate store along with all of the chargers you use to charge the phone. http://bit.ly/3SdsA

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